How do I connect my iPhone as my tracker?

Stridekick can connect with iPhone 5s and newer as your tracking device. You will need to connect your iPhone to Stridekick through the app on your phone. 


1. Login or Sign up for Stridekick via our app (App Store or Google Play) or on the web.

If you already have an account: Navigate to or More-> Change Device on the app



2. On the Select Device screen select the Apple iPhone option.  



3. Last but not least, give Stridekick permission to access your steps.  




4. Your phone will automatically take you to your Health app permissions page. Switch the Active Energy, Steps, and Walking + Running to on (they will turn green!). Click Allow at the top right of the screen and you're set to go! 




What if I don't see my steps in the app? 

To check that your iPhone is set up to record your steps, you can go to Settings-> Privacy -> Motion and Fitness. If any of the options are not green (or on), then Stridekick will not be able to access this data.




If you have any issues email us at 

and we'll help you get connected.


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