Can I use Google Fit to connect my device to Stridekick?

Stridekick can connect with many devices via Google Fit. You should check the app for your device (i.e. the Pebble app or Polar Beat app) to see if it is compatible with Google Fit.


1. Create a Google Fit account at

2.  Check that your device will connect with Google Fit and enable syncing.

  • Usually, you can find an option to sync to Google Fit in the "Settings" menu of your device's app.
  • You can check to see if your device is syncing by going to
  • Some devices that connect with Google Fit are: Android Phones (4.1 and above), Pebble, PolarXiaomi Band, and some Android Wear

3. Login or Sign up for Stridekick via our app (App Store or Google Play) or on the web.

If you already have an account: Navigate to or More-> Change Device on the app



4. Select Google Fit from the list of devices.



5. You will be prompted to login to your Google account.


6. Click "Allow" to give Stridekick offline access so that we can sync your steps.


You should now be connected. Join some challenges and get stepping! 


If you are having trouble or don't see any steps: 

It's important to remember Stridekick is connected to Google Fit's cloud which is located at, it is not directly connected to the app on your phone. So if you don't see steps at it means the app on your phone hasn't synced with the Google cloud, which is why you may see delays in steps showing up on Stridekick. Google Fit seems to sync less frequently between the Fit app and (where we get your steps). Until your steps have synced with Google at, we will not be able to see them.

If you don't see steps, you should check if Google Fit is syncing from the app to the Google cloud (  Go to Settings (for your phone) -> Personal -> Accounts -> Google and make sure that Sync Google Fit and Sync Google Fit data are switched to on. Then, click the menu at the top left hand corner where it says "More" and tap "Sync now". 

Additionally, if you have a work gmail, make sure that the account on your app is the same account that is connected to


If you have any issues email us at 

and we'll help you get connected.


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