NYPBeHealthy FAQ

What devices can connect to Stridekick?

Stridekick integrates with the leading fitness trackers, smartwatches and smartphones as trackers. If you have one of the devices below you can connect it to Stridekick and get to stepping!

  • Android Phones - Android 4.1 or above through the Google Fit app.
  • Apple Watch
  • Fitbit - Zip, One, Flex, Charge, Charge HR, Surge, Alta, Blaze, MobileTracker app
  • Garmin - vívofit, vívofit 2, vívosmart, vivosmart HR, vívoactive, vivokí, **
  • Google Fit (Android)
  • Iphone 5s and above
  • Jawbone - UP, UP24, UP Move, UP2, UP3, UP4
  • Misfit - Flash Cyclist, Flash, Link, Ray, Shine, Shine2, Speedo Shine, Swarovski Activity Crystal
  • Pebble - Classic, Steel, Time Round, Time Steel, Time
  • Xioami - Mi Band
  • Withings - Pulse, Pulse O2, Activité Pop, Activité, Activité Steel


How do I connect my device?

Find your device from selection of options and follow the directions to get everything set up.

Android: How do I connect my Android Phone

Apple Watch: How do I connect my Apple Watch?

iPhone: How do I connect my iPhone as my tracker?

Fitbit: How do I connect my Fitbit?

Garmin: How do I connect my Garmin?

Google Fit General: How do I connect via Google Fit

Jawbone: How do I connect my Jawbone?

Misfit: How do I connect my Misfit?

Pebble: How do I connect my Pebble watch?

Withings: How do I connect my Withings?


If you have any issues connecting your device please contact: stridekick.team@stridekick.mail.intercom.io


How does syncing work?

Stridekick grabs your data automatically after you sync your device, but we can't pull data directly from your device so you have to sync it to your device’s app first!

To sync, open up your device app on your phone and make sure your steps populate there. We recommend syncing several times a day to ensure accurate steps counts for each challenge [Apple health app users must open their app everyday to sync]. There may be a slight delay, up to 10 minutes, for your data to reach Stridekick*.

There is a 72-hour grace period that allows players to sync after each day in a challenge.
This challenge is scored around team step averages. The team with the highest step average at the end of the challenge wins so give it your all and watch your team’s step average climb! View your entire team’s standings on the leaderboard through “stats” or “view challenge". To view your specific team’s leaderboard click on your team avatar.


*If you do not see your activity after several sync attempts or you forgot to sync for over 72 hours, reach out to us for assistance by using the help icon on the bottom right of the screen or at stridekick.team@stridekick.mail.intercom.io


Pedometer and manual entry


I don’t have a tracking device or a smartphone and I’d like to use a pedometer. How do I submit my steps?

Pedometers and Steps Tracker Logs are available for pick up from your site’s NYP BeHealthy Wellbeing Coach or HR representative (listed below).

Each day, you will write down your step count on the Steps Tracker Log. Each week on Tuesday, you will submit your steps to the contact person for your site. For example, your logs for Week 1 of the Challenge (Monday, October 10 – Sunday, October 16) will be submitted no later than 10am on Tuesday, October 18. Please see below to find the contact(s) at your site.


NYP/Weill Cornell-  Brian Lane (brl9059@nyp.org); Tracy Lockwood (trl9012@nyp.org)

NYP/Columbia- Nedra Brown (neb9031@nyp.org); Alanna Waldron (alw9068@nyp.org)

NYP/Lower Manhattan- Jocelyn O’Keefe (joo9046@nyp.org)

NYP/Westchester- Rosemarie Dias (rod9114@nyp.org)

NYP/Allen- Michelle Elmuccio (mie9046@nyp.org)

NYP/38th St & NYP/7th Ave- Annie Tamburello (ans9242@nyp.org)

NYP/Hudson Valley- Simone Lyman (slyman@hvhc.org)

NYP/Queens- Evelyn O’Donnell (evo9008@nyp.org); Danielle Shannon (dmg9016@nyp.org)

NYP/Lawrence- Jennifer Frost (JFrost@lawrencehealth.org)

New York Methodist- Mabel Del Rio (mbd9002@nyp.org)


How do I communicate with my team members?

You can communicate with your team members using the message feed in your Challenge page. Follow

these instructions:

1. Go to http://stridekick.com/nypbehealthy.

2. Click on the “Challenges” button in the top right hand corner of the page.

3. Below your team, click on the orange “View Challenge” button.

4. Post on your page via the text box provided on the top right hand side.  All team members can

view this feed. You can also include photos by clicking on the blue camera button under the text



How do I earn entries into the random drawing?

All participants who achieve certain walking goals, will be automatically entered into a

random drawing. Three-hundred and twenty (320) participants will win prizes through this

drawing. Challenge participants can gain more entries into the drawing, increasing their

odds to win, with more achievements reached. Participants will gain one entry to the drawing for each of the following accomplishments:

  • When an employee completes the four week challenge with documented steps each day
  • When an employee averages 5,000 steps a day, during all four weeks of the challenge
  • period
  • When an employee averages 10,000 steps a day, during all four weeks of the challenge
  • period
  • When an employee averages 15,000 steps a day, during all four weeks of the challenge
  • period
  • When an employee improves their number of steps by 10% week 2 over week 1
  • When an employee improves their number of steps by 10% week 3 over week 2
  • When an employee improves their number of steps by 10% week 4 over week 3


What do the winning teams at each site receive?

The team with the greatest average number of steps at each NYP site will be recognized at

a special event for the entire team.

If you are having any technical issues or questions about how Stridekick works please email Stridekick support at stridekick.team@stridekick.mail.intercom.io for help! Don’t forget to sync everyday & happy stepping :)

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